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My Gluten Free Shopping List

Being on a gluten-free diet has many challenges. One of which is grocery shopping. When I first switched over to a gluten-free diet finding the right items was not easy at first. It required reading every single label, which meant more time spent in the grocery store. Soon I was able to find which stores […]

A Wider Picture of Wellness

Wellness. What do you think about when the word is stated? We all might think of the standard definition of wellness, the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. You might think of it as taking care of your self such as being physically fit, weight management, and staying out […]

Fall Fashion Trends of 2022

September has officially hit us, you know what that means it’s the best season for fashion. It’s time for fall! All the warm and neutral tones and cozy vibes. The fashion experts have made their decision on what is going to heat up fall this season. I for one am excited to wear all the […]

A Litte About Jessi:

A retired competitive dancer that has found a passion for blogging and creating content for others. A small-town girl turned city girl after moving from the town she grew up in for 21 years. A dog mom to the cutest miniature Shih Tzu named Pumkin, her baby girl. Through her first degree in Marketing, she found a love for social media and through her second degree in Sports Administration, she grew her passion for sports and athletes. She hopes to be an influence to all the females out there going through any stage of life.

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