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Thrift Shopping Guide for Beginners

The art of thrifting, shopping in thrift stores for trendy, vintage clothing, and/or other items. Thrifting has become wildly popular lately. While it might be on-trend now, you should consider keeping the art of thrifting in your back pocket for when the fad dies down. Why might you ask? Because there are so many positives […]

Spring and Summer Skin Care Regimen

As we transition into the summer our skin can change drastically. Not to mention the harsh UVA and UVB rays that are full force. I’m not talking about just any skin though, I’m referring to your face. We all know it is vital to take care of your body’s skin during the summer but your […]

Self Care Date Guide

Have you ever thought about taking yourself on a “date” for self-care? A Self-Care Date! I got the idea originally from a Youtuber, that’s name I can not remember. Essentially she would take herself on a date. It was a part of her self-care routine each week. Therefore why I am calling it a Self […]

A Litte About Jessi:

A retired competitive dancer that has found a passion for blogging and creating content for others. A small-town girl turned city girl after moving from the town she grew up in for 21 years. A dog mom to the cutest miniature Shih Tzu named Pumkin, her baby girl. Through her first degree in Marketing, she found a love for social media and through her second degree in Sports Administration, she grew her passion for sports and athletes. She hopes to be an influence to all the females out there going through any stage of life.

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