Vision Boards for the New Year

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 We discussed in my last post-goal setting. One of the tips I gave in that was making a vision board. A vision board can be a great visual reminder each day about the goals you have made. It can also be a way of keeping track of the breakdown plan and deadlines of each goal. 

First, let’s go over a few steps that need to be done before making your vision board. 

  1. Take a moment to reflect on what you accomplished in the past year. What did you accomplish? What did you try and fail? How could you retry to meat success? What did you do that you are proud of? 

  2. Think about the new direction you want to take your life in. You are in control of your life. If you don’t like something you can change it. READ THAT AGAIN! 

  3. What do you want to change? The things you are unhappy with are the key to determining where you want to go next. Everyone has ONE thing they want to change about themselves. Once you understand exactly what you want to change, you can do the real work of figuring out how you will change it. 

  4. What would you do differently if nothing was standing in your way or holding you back?  Sometimes we find ourselves in an unusual position where we have something that we want to change, but there’s nothing we can really do about it. What would you do if none of those barriers were holding you back from living the life you want today?

  5. Have your big-ticket goals in mind. Before you start clipping cute quotes and pictures out of inspirational magazines is crucial to create a vision board that serves your purpose. When you have a clearly defined goal or goals, can you be strategic about finding the visuals to put on your vision board to serve that goal or goals?

After completing the steps above you can move on to the steps below if you are making a printed vision board. 

  1. Choose images that represent and appeals to you

  2. Cover the board with large background images 

  3. Layer on smaller images 

  4. Add words, phrases, or goals 

  5. Fill in and rearrange until it’s appealing 

  6. Add any embellishments 

  7. Glue or tape everything down 

  8. Finally, hang it where you’ll see it every day!

I prefer making a graphic form of a vision board and keeping it as my laptop’s wallpaper. That way I know I will see it every day and I can change the text, images, or layout easily. I used Canva desktop wallpaper-sized template, downloaded free images off the internet, picked a color scheme, wrote out text, and then rearranged them all around till I was happy. Simple, fast, easy, and free! 

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