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Vision Boards for the New Year

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 We discussed in my last post-goal setting. One of the tips I gave in that was making a vision board. A vision board can be a great visual reminder each day about the goals you have made. It can also be a way of keeping track of the breakdown plan and deadlines of each goal. 

First, let’s go over a few steps that need to be done before making your vision board. 

After completing the steps above you can move on to the steps below if you are making a printed vision board. 

I prefer making a graphic form of a vision board and keeping it as my laptop’s wallpaper. That way I know I will see it every day and I can change the text, images, or layout easily. I used Canva desktop wallpaper-sized template, downloaded free images off the internet, picked a color scheme, wrote out text, and then rearranged them all around till I was happy. Simple, fast, easy, and free! 

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