Top 5 Productivity Tips

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Productivity is defined as the state or quality of producing something. Productivity for me is having intention throughout the day. Now I might have the intention to take an easy day and watch Netflix all day after a long week, and that is completely okay! Some people think productivity is getting things done every single day, not taking breaks, or being busy busy busy. I am here to tell you no that is not productivity. Here are my top five ways of helping me have the most productive week. 

  1. Have a routine set in place for each day. Mix it up a bit each day so you don’t get bored. Set time blocks. Such as a 2-hour window to focus on work or homework, an hour to do something creative, and forty-five minutes for self-care. The possibilities are endless. 

  2. Spread out to-do list items throughout the week. This will prevent burnout and last-minute stress.  

  3. Plan self-care and days off each week. Planing this each week will help burnout and procrastination. 

  4. It is okay to change the to-do list day of. Your mood is going to be different every day. Just make sure that you schedule those items for the next day to prevent last-minute stress. The book Atomic Habits taught me that if you miss two or more days in a row your routine has changed potentially for the bad. We don’t want bad habits taking over.

  5. Have fun! The most important part is having fun each and every day! 

 What is your definition of productivity? What tips do you use on your own to stay productive each day or week? If you try some of mine out, let me know in the comments below! Here is to a productive year! Later babes!

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