Shopping for Winter Trends at Target

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I went to Target to see how many winter trends I could find in their clothing department. Let’s see how well I did.


Bold Colors 

I love a bold red. This top has a cinched waist detail, slightly puffed sleeves, a square neckline, and a gold-lined pattern. It would be a great look to transfer from day tonight.  

Winter Trends Item Bold Colors



I fell in love with this shacket. It’s so soft, the rose pink color, and it has pockets! Run, don’t walk to Target to grab your own. 

Winter Trends Item Shacket


Retro Ski Wear

To be honest I’m not a fan of puffer coats but this groovy pattern on this one might just change my mind. This coat is the definition of retro ski wear. 

Winter Trends Item Retro Ski Wear


Sweater Dresses

This is one of those outfits that look good on the rack but awful on a person. At least for me, this was definitely a no go for me. My perfect sweater dress would not be form-fitting and would not go all the way down to my shin, I would cut this dress off at the knees.

Winter Trend Item Sweater Dress


Feathers, Shearling, & Sparkle

I didn’t find feathers anywhere, I found so much shearling, and I found this cute cutout dress in shimmering pink. I love that it is a ¾ sleeve, you don’t see many of those anymore. I like the length too but as I grow older the cutouts and form-fitting style have left my closet.

Winter Trend Item Sparkles


Knit Anything

Not a fan of the navy color but I love the feel of this knit sweater. It is perfect for a cold winter day. It’s not your simple sweater either, it has subtle details of 3D dots. I think this would be better in a lighter color than navy to make me purchase it. 

Winter Trend Item Knit



Everyone needs a simply cropped crewneck in their closet for winter. This lilac one is perfect to add a little color to your winter.

Winter Trend Item Lilac

The only trends I had a hard time finding were leather pants and pleated midi skirts. I found faux leather leggings but not straight-legged pants. Same with pleated midi skirts, I found mini skirts but not mid-length. Have you been shopping lately and found winter trends? Let me know in the comments below what store you found them in. Have a great weekend babes!

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