My Cleaning Routine

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I know the title has the dreaded “c” word. Cleaning… we all hate it but it must be done. This post is to help you get inspired to clean a little each day while also having fun. I used to be one that would take a whole day to clean everything at once. But know that I have spaced out different cleaning chores I am less tired after, feel accomplished, and can still enjoy the day. Let me help you out babes! 

Every Morning 

  • Make the bed 

  • Unload dishwasher 

  • Straighten up 

Every Night 

  • Sort through mail 

  • Load dishwasher 

  • Wipe down kitchen counters, sink, and appliances 

  • Disinfect phone and computer 

  • Clean out purse and bags 


  • Take out trash 

  • declutter/organize closet 

  • Febreeze and change air freshener 

  • Sweep closet floors 

  • Disinfect door handles

  • One load of laundry – towels 


  • Wipe bathroom counters 

  • Clean toilet, sink, and tub

  • Dust bathroom

  • Sweep and mop floors in bathroom 

  • Wash mirrors in bathroom 

  • Organize and declutter bathroom 

  • Restock bathroom items 

  • Disinfect door handles 

  • One load of laundry – pants 


  • Take out trash

  • Dust bedroom

  • Wash sheets and pillow cases 

  • Sweep and mop floors in bathroom 

  • Febreze bedroom 

  • Organize and declutter bedroom 

  • disinfect door handles 


  • Wipe down desks 

  • Dust desks 

  • Sweep and mop floors in living room and kitchen 

  • Organize and declutter desk and living room 

  • Disinfect desk, remote, appliance, and door handles 

  • Febreze living space 

  • Two loads of laundry – shirts and delicates


  • Take out trash 

  • Clean out refrigerator and freezer 

  • One load of laundry – sweatshirts and jackets 

  • Meal plan 

  • Plan week 

  • Catch up on cleaning 


  • Go through closet 

  • Wipe down windows 

  • Clean out car 

  • Disinfect car 

  • Change car air freshener 

Do you have a cleaning routine throughout the week? Let me know in the comments below! If not, try mine out and let me know what you think. Happy cleaning babes!

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