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Netflix is life, am I right? I don’t watch it much, but when I do I have my comfort shows that I turn to just like you. I should probably adventure out and start new shows, but today I’m going to list my top five comfort shows on Netflix. 

  1. The Vampire Diaries – I have rewatched this series going on three times. It’s just so good and of course I cry at all the same scenes still, even though I know what happens. I’m emotionally invested in the series. 

  2. The Originals – same as the Vampire Diaries. My favorite characters are Devina and Kol. I will one day name my children after them. 

  3. Outerbanks – Netflix really outdid themselves with this series. It keeps you on the edge of your seat every episode. I can’t wait till season three comes out! 

  4. NCIS – I have watched this show since I was little. It was my dad’s favorite show. I continue to watch it to this day. I also enjoy the new spin off NCIS Hawaii too. 

  5. Riverdale – lastly the thriller and mystery that is a tad scary at times. The characters and acting are incomparable. I love how each season has a different conflict between the characters and storyline. My favorite season will always be the first one though. 

What are your comfort shows that you keep rewatching? What new shows should I start watching? Let me know in the comments below. Happy binge watching, babes!

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