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We are already two months into 2022. How are everyone’s goals coming along? Have you reached some or have you fallen a little short? Today’s post is for those that need that extra motivation to take control of their health. I’m going to be sharing my favorite at-home workouts and the sites I use. Let’s get to it babes! 

I follow many fitness accounts on Instagram and Youtube. Each account has at-home workouts of all kinds, short or long duration, no equipment or equipment, the choices are endless. The ones that I have consistently gone back to for workouts are:

The Fitness Marshall – fun cardio, dance/Zumba-inspired workouts. 

Yoga with Adriene – yoga-focused, does include some good stretching and meditations also.

MadFit – intervals focused on full-body elements, keeps up with on-trend music or workout trends.  

Lazy Dancer Tips – ballet dancer-focused workouts, include full classes, tips, and exercises. 

Blogilates – intermediate to advanced interval focused on full-body elements, use exercises not seen often but will always kill. 

Train Like a Ballerina – ballet dancer-focused workouts, created by a professional ballerina. 

What are your go-to at-home workout sites or accounts? Let me know in the comments below! Time to go sweat, babes!

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