Working from Home Routine

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Working from home has become very popular since the pandemic hit, it is still popular now with things going back to normal. I’m at a 50/50 with whether I rather work from home or work in an office. I would love to have a designated office at home but I have a hard time not shutting off my laptop at 5 o’clock, so working from home is a challenge in that aspect. If I had an office I could just shut the door at a certain time to refrain from over working. That’s the plus side to working at the office. I come home, plug in my computer, and don’t touch any office work till the next morning. But when it comes to having a work from home day here is my routine, babes! 

7:00 a.m. Wake up and start typical morning routine

8:30 a.m. Start in on the work day 

I first check my email and reply to any necessary messages and send any new messages. 

Then I go right in on the to do list, starting from what needs done first.

I typically take a break for lunch around 11:30 a.m.

Monday afternoons are packed with meetings from noon to 2:15 p.m.

Once those are finished I try to get as much done as possible before 4:30 p.m.

Once the clock hits 5 p.m. I drop any athletics work. I take some time away from the computer. I either play or cuddle with Pumkin, go for a walk if it is nice outside, self care, or training. 

I move on to homework, social media, or blog work. Next typically after dinner. Working on whatever needs done first. 

8:30 p.m. I finish up and start my typical night routine to be in bed by 10 p.m. 

Who works from home now? What is your typical routine? Do you enjoy it more than in the office? Let me know in the comments below. Later babes!

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