Astoria Activewear Review

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Happy Friday babes! It’s product review time. Leggings are life, am I right? I am known to be the pickiest about the leggings that I keep in my closet. I have been seeing Astoria leggings all over social media lately. Why not give them a try? I bought three different styles that were popular with others. Let’s see what I thought of each one. 


Astoria Active Wear

Astoria LUXE METALLIC Series Legging – Ivory – Size Medium 

These are said to be THE workout legging from Astoria. The website describes them as, “Our custom blend LUXE fabric was used to create an unforgettably buttery soft fit designed to move however you do. A high waistband was added for additional support while a subtle scrunch bum detail further accentuates your curves”.

Sizing – I personally would size up. 

Fit Design – The waistband is not your typical high waist but that could have been because of the size I chose. The fit was perfect. Nice balance between sculpting and comfort. The scrunch bum detail is just enough not too much to be outlandish. The best part is I went through a whole hour of a ballet class with no pulling or shifting of the leggings.

Pattern/Coloring – Normally I am not a huge snakeskin pattern fan, but this white and gold pattern just screamed pick me. I’m so glad I got them. They get an overall 8 out of 10 from me.


Astoria Activewear

Astoria ADAPT Full-Length Legging – Black – Size Medium 

These leggings are now retired on the website but I’m so glad I snagged a pair. They are the perfect leggings to wear at the gym and also to wear casually around the town. I paired them with an oversized sweater and they were perfect. They are a tad on the thin side but run true to size. The fit is not as sculpting as the other two pairs but still not horrible to where I’m adjusting too much. Overall these leggings get an 8 out of 10 from me.









Astoria Activewear

Astoria Seamless Ribbed Series Leggings – Black – Medium

The website states, “These leggings are designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. Seamless technology includes breathable panels to keep you cool and a barely-there fit while providing all the support you could ever imagine. Our custom fabric has been meticulously designed to wrap around you seamlessly with the ultimate purpose of moving however you do”.

Sizing – True to size. 

Fit Design – These are my all-time favorites now! I’m getting every color on the site. They are so comfy and still supportive. They almost remind me of joggers but are more fitting and just as comfy. I wore them in a training session in the gym and not once did I have to adjust them.

Pattern/Coloring – The seamless ribbed planes give the illusion of height, which we all know your girl needs. These get a 10 out of 10 from me! 

The best part is you can get your own pair of Astoria leggings for 15% when using my code LifewithJessi15. Head on over to you won’t regret it!

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