5 Transitional Looks for Winter to Spring

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It is that time when we slowly start to transition into spring. The mornings are cold and the afternoons are warm. It’s the time when mother nature doesn’t know which season to pick, one day it will be 75 degrees and the next there will be three inches of snow on the ground. Finding outfits for this transitional season can be hard. Here are a few tips to think about when styling and five of my favorite examples for inspiration.

1. Transition into bright and fresh colors or prints 

I chose a thin pale yellow sweater and colorful bell-bottom jeans for this look. Bell bottom jeans and thin sweaters are perfect for the transitional season.

Transitional Look #1


I don’t know what it is but your girl loves pairing shorts with a long sleeve top during this season. These fun pattern shorts go perfect with this Rolling Stones long sleeve, and combat boots to bring the look altogether.

Transitional Look #2
2. Layer Lightly
Cardigans are perfect for the transitional season! I paired this oversized knit black cardigan with a cheetah, lace detailed tank top, and high-waisted light-washed jeans. This is my favorite look out of the five examples!
Transitional Look #3
        3. Mix the fabrics up 

For this look, I chose velvet knee-high boots, paired with a ribbed crop top, and a plaid checkered high-waisted skirt. Each fabric is different but it all comes together for one amazing transitional season look.

Transitional Look #4

                                                    4. Choose outer where wisely each day

For this look, I chose an army green t-shirt dress with a warmer jean jacket paired with some high-top fun print sneakers. This look is perfect for the colder morning temperatures with the jean jacket but then when warmer afternoon temperatures hit, the jean jacket can come off and you still have an amazing look.

Transitional Look #5

What is your favorite look for this transitional season? Take the tips and try to style a look for yourself this season! Have a great Friday babes!

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