My Top Study Tips to Finish the Semester Strong

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Studying looks different for everyone, and trust me I have tried all the different ways to study throughout my school years. Here is what I have found works best for me in these last couple of years. 



Before Class 

If the class has a mapped-out syllabus, I read it over the first week of class. I map out when assignments are due when readings need to be done, quizzes, and tests. After I have every class mapped out I then assign different days to focus on studying, including the times. I always try to stay ahead in being prepared for class, like doing the readings and taking notes on that and developing questions that I might have during the class. 


During Class

I take notes on my laptop during class. I have found that I’m a faster typer than a writer. I try to take down everything the professor says. I don’t worry about the format either. I just type away during the class. 


After Class 

This is when I take the time and format the notes I took in class. I normally format them on my computer and then transfer them to a class notebook. I’ll also take this time to make flashcards so they are set come quiz and test time. 


A big tip that has helped me is color coding in the class notebook. I typically use yellow for vocabulary, blue for key dates, green for equations, purple for important people, and pink for important topics. I find the more colorful the page or flashcard the better I pay attention and retain the information. 

What helps you study? Leave me your routine in the comments below! Hope this helps you study for the rest of the upcoming semester. Later, babes!

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