Beauty Products I have Ditched through the Years

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I have tried too many beauty products through the years. More than I would like to admit and the list includes some embarrassing brands. But like with everyone else there has been growth. As I have gotten older and my knowledge of skincare and makeup has grown, the products that make the cut for everyday use are slim. Let’s see what beauty products I have tried through the years and why they didn’t make the cut. 


Let’s start with the makeup products! 


Elf Eyeshadows – pigment was nonexistent and product fallout was awful. 

Elf Foundation – never lasted, left skin feeling dry, and had an oily texture/look. 

Elf Eyeliner – the liquid pen would dry out after one use, going on really light gray, and was not easy to work with. 

Elf Mascara – left eyes feeling heavy, and never actually came off when using makeup remover

Elf Lipstick – never lasted longer than five minutes and left lips dry and cracked. 

Mary Kay Eyeshadows – pigment was pretty good but the fallout was awful. 

Mary Kay Foundation Primer – the worst foundation primer I have ever used, claimed it was oil-free but I swear that’s a lie. The texture of the product also was a big no for me. 

Mary Kay Lipstick and Gloss – never lasted longer than five minutes, but had great pigmentation and never left lips dry or cracked. 

Anything Ultra Generic Brand – all I can say was cheap! No pigmentation, not easy to work with, and just overall horrible. The packaging was always cool though, I will give it that. 


Now for the extensive list of skincare products! 


Clean and Clear Products – horrible brand of products to use. 

St. Ives Products – another horrible brand of products to use. 

Cetaphil Products – left my skin soooo dry! 

Biore Products – horrible for your pores.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes – burned my eyes so much and left skin red after each use. 

Elf Skincare Products – never saw a difference.

Ponds Products – left skin feeling oily. 

Mary Kay ClearProof Products – saw a difference in the first four weeks but after that, it didn’t help at all. 

Any Paper Mask – never say a difference in continuous use. 


What beauty products have you ditched over the years? Let me know in the comments below! 

Have a great rest of your week babes! Crush it!


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