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Spring Fashion Essentials

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Happy first Monday of April! This month makes it officially spring season! Are your closets ready for the new season? If not, don’t worry I got all the spring essentials listed out for you! Let’s take a look and see what wardrobe items are an absolute must-have for spring.  


Layering Tees

Colors such as black, white, and Gray should already be in everyone’s closet, but having some others with pastel or bold colors wouldn’t hurt. Tees are so easy to style all year round, not just during the spring season. 


Lightweight Jacket

With the mornings being cooler and the afternoons being warmer make sure to have lightweight jackets at the ready. Jean jackets, athletic jackets, cardigans, and all the lightweight jackets will be worn this spring. 


White Jeans

Spring reminds me of clean and bright. What is more clean looking than a pair of white jeans? Nothing is the answer. White jeans are a must for styling in the spring season.  


Cotton Sweater

No knit sweaters for spring, leave those in the winter section. Cotton sweaters are lightweight and even can be layered with a tee underneath. Pair one with a spring pattern and jeans, and you have the perfect spring look. 


The Perfect Flats 

Spring can be a little too chilly for summer sandals to make an appearance, but some stylish flats always have their moment in the spring season. Even clogs and mules are perfect for spring. You will be seeing a lot of them this year. 


Rain Jacket or Trench Coat

Spring means the occasional rainstorm. Always be prepared with a stylish rain or trench coat at a moment’s notice. Make sure to wear sensible shoes also! It’s okay to bust those rain boots out this season. 


Fashion Sneakers

There are so many brands that have come out with stylish sneakers in the past few years. Finding the perfect one for your style shouldn’t be too hard. 


Cropped Pants or Jeans 

These are perfect for spring and great to keep as options for the summer too. I recently just got into wearing jeans more often. I can’t wait to style all the color options I have purchased this year. 


Midi or Maxi Dress

Floral print dresses are gonna be a huge hit this spring, no matter what length they are. Having a go-to white, black, and floral dress should be in everyone’s closet. 


Lightweight Blouses 

For those wanting to be on the fancier side, fashion blouses are the best for spring. I love a good mesh sleeve blouse for spring. Even floral patterns will be popular in this too. 


Simple Fashion Heel

I can’t wait to start styling my simple heels this spring. I opted for an open-toe nude color for this season. They would go great with jeans, dresses, skirts, anything this spring. They could also transition into summer use also. 

Making this post makes me excited for the warmer weather coming our way this spring season! Do you have all these items in your closet? Let me know in the comments if you have a different spring essential that is not listed above, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Happy Spring babes! 

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