Finding Spring Trends in My Closet

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Spring Trends 2022. This year is the season that Jessi did not support certain trends coming back in style aka low rise jeans, mini skirts, and all things the 2000s. Your girl is more of a 90’s baby with a touch of 21’s century and 70/80s style. Hence my bell-bottom jeans obsession. After listing out the spring trends this year I knew I wouldn’t find too many in my closet currently. Let’s see which trends I found in my closet! 


Flared Jeans 

Flared Jeans Look


White Monochromatic 

White Monochromatic Look


All the Feminine Vibes 

Feminine Vibes Look


Oversize It 

Oversized Look

As you can see I only found four out of seventeen. How many would you find in your closet? Let me know in the comments below! Laters babes!

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