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Happy Friday Babes! Good Friday actually! Accessories can make or break a look, am I right? They are a must for each outfit. Whether it be a necklace, bracelet, scarf, rings, belts, headband, or hair clips. Ladies, we all have the go-to accessories that we put on more than all the others we have collected through the years. Maybe you even swap out accessories seasonally. Whatever way you do, these are mine that I gravitate towards every day. 



Gold J Initial & Gold Chain – I typically pair these together one as a choker and the other as a medium length. I like how simple they are but still beautiful. 

Silver Star Chain – I typically wear this a lot in the summer. I got it from Pura Vida last summer. 

Gold Blue Pendant – This blue stone used to be the stone in my dad’s favorite ring. He would wear it all the time. Once he passed my mom gave it to me as a necklace on my first birthday without him. I wear it more than anything in my jewelry collection. 

Silver Etched Key – This is another one that is sentimental to me. My boyfriend found this key when we were packing up my old house. He cleaned it and engraved it himself. It had our initials & anniversary date. 

Favorite Necklaces



Silver Personalized Chain – Another gift from my amazing boyfriend. I wear it typically when I wear other silver accessories. 

Gold Bee Charm – This was a moving gift from my aunt back home. I pair it also when I wear other gold accessories. 

Favorite Bracelets



Crown Jewel – my beautiful promise ring 🙂

Diamond Infinity – I got a pair of these rings for my mom and me on the first Mother’s Day after we officially moved. 

Favorite Rings

What are your go-to accessories? Let me know in the comments below, and even drop a picture! Laters babes! Have a great Easter weekend!

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