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May Recap

Month Reflection 

May was filled with many last and finally. I finished my master’s degree with all A’s and two B’s. Passed my graduate exit exam and came home with an A in my final project for graduation. Walked across the graduation stage for the first time after a long six years of undergrad and graduate school (covid took my undergrad graduation ceremony). I finished the most amazing internship with the University of Lousiville Athletics working with the amazing athletics staff and athletes. The Men’s Soccer, Swim and Dive, and Softball teams will always hold a special place in my heart. Leading your marketing and game production was a dream and I am thankful for all the experience and relationships along the way. 

Even though the month was filled with many endings and sad emotions, I had some fun along the way. I went to Churchhill Downs to experience my first horse race. Of course, I did the whole experience of getting the signature Oaks Lily drink and betting on the horse races. I’m proud to say that I won a whole $12.

I spent time with family and friends celebrating the accomplishments achieved this month. Took my blog and brand seriously teaching myself how to become a self-branded entrepreneur. I took a step back and thought about what do I want to do for my career. I learned that I thrive and am truly happy when working from home in social media marketing, content creation, and brand engagement. Having the flexibility to spend time with family is the most important value I have coming out of college into the adult world. I might not have it all figured out but I’m beyond happy with this life and can’t wait to see what June has in store. 

Monthly Recap on Fashion 

Outfits for the month of May included many spring dresses/jumpsuits given the different events throughout the month. Many days also included some rain boots and a rain jacket. My top purchase for the month was the cotton light green jumpsuit I wore to graduation and for graduation pictures. I purchased it from Walmart for less than $20. Babes, I would call that a steal. It’s the most comfortable jumpsuit I have ever had. So soft and it has pockets! I’ll have it linked below, in case you want one for your closet.


Summer is right around the corner. I typically don’t wear makeup that often already but in summer it’s very slim to none. I focus on skincare the most. Having the right SPF is very important. As well as oil-controlling moisturizer, and vitamin C serum. I am super picky when it comes to skincare products that SPF. Many leave my face oilier than before I even put it on. Go check out this month’s post on Spring and Summer Skincare to see what products I use and recommend the most. 

Monthly Recap on Health and Wellness 


This month I focused on being outside as much as possible. I walked 1.5 – 3 miles a day a lot this month. It was my time to myself and a great break away from my computer and phone. I typically listened to The 6 Figure Influencer Podcast with Allie Reeves or Life with Loverly Grey Podcast. These two ladies are a constant inspiration for me as I work to build my brand and business. If you have not checked them out you really should! 

Food and Drink Cravings 

I’m gluten-free, so having food cravings can be hard and mine are typically not what you would think. I can’t function without my caffeine in the morning. I reach for the Alani Energy drink every time, and I religiously drink their balance drink also each day. It tastes exactly like Skittles! Another drink that I have got hooked on this month is Tropicana’s new Pina Colada juice. I love Pina Coladas but am not a huge fan of alcohol so this drink is perfect.  

Over on the food side, I have fallen in love with Outshine Fruit Bars! The raspberry and watermelon ones in particular. They are so sweet but without all the unhealthy ingredients typically found in sweet treats. They are made with real fruit, no GMO ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors, fat-free, and gluten-free.  

Monthly Recap on Entertainment 

TV & Movies

I have been catching up on the Netflix series Bridgerton. While also rewatching The Vampire Dairies for like the fourth time. It’s my comfort show. 


Started reading the new book by Stephen King called Billy Summers. So far so good. It’s been taking me a little longer to get through it due to all the events and family in town this month. 


I’m always listening to country music on the radio while driving. But a few songs that I have had stuck in my head this month include Half of my Hometown by Kelsea Ballerini, New Truck by Dylan Scott, Flower Shops by ERNEST ft. Morgan Wallen, Infinity by Jaymes Young, Always Been You by Jessie Murph, How it Ends by Lilhuddy, and Chaotic by Tate McRae. As you can see my playlist is all over the place with the style of music. 

Goals Achieved & Goals Left Short 

Looking back in my bullet journal I didn’t achieve any of the goals I wanted to accomplish for the month. I’m not upset about it though. I feel like I set too many high-standard goals each month that never get accomplished because I need to finish a smaller step first. I’m going to look further into this when setting goals for June. Goals that I did not achieve include; reading three books, one hour of movement each day, becoming an early riser, looking to impress every day, recording one reel per day, and being more active on Instagram stories. I took steps to reach these goals but you know how life gets in the way. You miss one day and then it becomes a habit to not do each day. 

Lessons Learned 

I taught myself a lot of new skills when it comes to digital marketing. I’m proud of myself for taking the time to learn a little bit each day. I feel prepared to take the next steps in establishing my brand and business to the next level. 

Another lesson I learned this month was pushing yourself to do things can be hard some days but it’s important to not let the excuses win. I felt this when wanting to start getting up early each day. It started off great but then became nonexistent towards the end of the month. Same will many of the other goals I wanted to achieve this month. I started out great but then died out by the end of the month. This is a lesson I’m going to take with me into June to achieve the goals I have set for myself.

May’s Blog Posts

June Look Ahead

Manifestations for the Month 

June is always a hard month for me. My dad got extremely sick in June. He later died in June. Father’s Day. It all just is really hard for these next 30 days. It’s been three years now. But I am not going to let the sadness take over this whole month. I’m going to push myself through any emotions I may have this month. I will be present at the moment, I will reach my goals this month, and I will enjoy the start of summer and a new phase in my life. And I will do it all with my dad looking happily down on me. 

Goals for the Month

  • Finish reading 2 books 
  • Workout/movement 5 times per week 
  • Drink 20 oz of water each day 
  • Become an early riser 
  • Post to stories each day 
  • Start a freebie library for followers 
  • Find a job/income
  • Be more productive with my time each day 

Habits for the Month 

  • Read one chapter 
  • Movement /workout
  • Drink one full Cirkul 
  • Wake up at 6:30 am 
  • Post your face to stories 
  • Journal 2x 
  • Time block and organize day 
  • Balance drink 
  • Skincare 2x
  • No phone time for 1-3 hours 

Fashion & Beauty 

I’m looking forward to styling some summer outfits and seeing what the summer trends are for this year. If I had to guess I think halter tops will make a comeback along with lettuce trim tops, tennis skirts or dresses will be popular, and neutral with a dewy finish will be the go-to beauty look this season. We will see if my predictions are right in the next coming weeks. 

Health and Wellness 

For workouts, I’m going to stick to walking 1.5 to 3 miles but hopefully, add some yoga here and there when the weather is not permitting this month. I have the intensions of shedding a few inches off my waist and potentially start weightlifting again if I find the right gym. 


In the month of June, many new releases are hitting different streaming platforms all month long. I’m looking forward to a couple this month. Such as: 

  • First Kill – Netflix Series 
  • Halftime – Netflix Documentary 
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty – Amazon Prime Movie
  • Spiderhead – Netflix Movie
  • Legacy’s Season Four – Netflix 

Overall I hope June turns the page in this new phase of life. Let me know how your May went and what you are looking forward to in June in the comments below. Here is to manifesting everything we want to achieve this month babes!

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