June Bullet Journal

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Bullet journaling has become wildly popular in the past couple of years, but what is bullet journaling? Many would describe it as equal parts day planner, diary, and written meditation. A bullet journal turns the chaos of coordinating life into a streamlined system that helps with being more productive and reaching personal and professional goals. The most important thing is a bullet journal needs to be effective. No matter how it can best serve its author is entirely up to them. In today’s post, I’m going to show you my June Bullet Journal Pages and share a little about my bullet journaling journey.

I started bullet journaling right before the pandemic hit in January of 2020. Little did I know that it would become a regular habit of mine and help me through the uncertain times. I learned what a bullet journal was from a combination of Pinterest, Instagram, and Tiktok those first couple of months. I tried so many different spread pages, themes, lists, and ways to organize all from getting inspiration from those apps. Over the years I found out what spread pages, themes, lists, and ways of organization were beneficial to the different seasons of life I was in. 

Why I Bullet Journal

During the first couple of months of the pandemic, I was really anxious and looking for some constants in my life. Like I’m sure most others were. I found that my bullet journal spreads in that first year really helped establish constants through the spread pages I had at the time. During that time I was also finishing my undergraduate degree at home, online, and in quarantine. The pages I had then were: 

  • Month at a Glance 
  • Monthly Goals 
  • Mood Tracker 
  • Highlight of the Day 
  • Describe the Day in One Word 
  • Sleep Log 
  • Anxiety Log and Triggers Tracker 
  • Self Care Examples and Log 
  • Fitness Log 
  • Habit Tracker 
  • Study Log 
  • Pages and Books Read Tracker 
  • Morning and Night Routine 
  • Brain Dump Pages 
  • Daily Plan Pages 

As the years went on I added pages and took away pages based on what season of life I was in. Now that I’m out of school officially my monthly spread pages have changed and so has the number of pages I use each month. During these past years of bullet journaling, I learned that it doesn’t always have to be perfect and you don’t have to be an artist to start. I know it took me some time to remind myself that I’m not the best artist but what matters is that I try and the pages reflect who I am and work to my advantage.

June Bullet Journal

The theme this month for my June Bullet Journal is fruits. I took all my favorite summer fruits and turned each page into its own fruit theme.

June Bullet Journal - Title Page

The Title Page is watermelons. The superior fruit of summer!

June Bullet Journal - Goals Page

The Goals page is cherries. I take this page to write personal goals out. I use a different planner for business goals. Examples like reading 2 books this month, drinking 20 oz of water each day, and many more.

June Bullet Journal - Mood Tracker

My mood tracker for this month is a lemon. I think it’s absolutely adorable.

Jun eBullet Journal - Highlights of Day

Highlights of the day take up two pages and have an orange theme.

June Bullet Journal - Focus Log

My focus log is a new page I started in the past couple of months. I color in the tracker what different items I focused on throughout the day. The theme here is berries. My focus has shifted from school now to my business, creative time, and self-care time.

June Bullet Journal - Reading Log

As the book tracker and pages read page is also berry-themed.

June Bullet Journal - Habit Tracker

Then the last page before the weekly spreads in my Habit Tracker. With watermelons being my favorite summer fruit I had to use them again on this page. I typically only use one page for habit tracking but I found inspiration on Pinterest that I wanted to try. I think it turned out great. I love how it looks like a calendar of June for each habit.

As for the weekly spreads, I have been using different themes this whole year so far. This is another new one I found on Pinterest. So far I like it but we will see by the end of the month if it sticks around. 

Bullet Journaling Final Thoughts

As a final reminder Bullet journaling is always about function over form. Your form can mean sloppy or beautiful. It doesn’t matter what your bullet journal looks like. It’s about how it makes you feel, and how effective it is in moving you towards the things that matter to you. I hope this inspires you to start your own bullet journaling experience! 


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