Summer TBR & Spring Book Reviews

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Summer is the perfect time to get through that stack of TBR books. TBR stands for to be read if some of you are new to the avid book readers world. The days are longer, vacations by the beach, sitting by the pool, flying, or driving to a new destination. Typically the time one has in the summer compared to any other season is abundant. Like any other avid reader out there I have a TBR stack of books waiting to be read this summer. Here is my Summer TBR & Spring Book Reviews!

Summer TBR Books

Summer TBR Books

A Good Girls Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson 

Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson 

Good As Dead by Holly Jackson 

One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus

One of Us is Next by Karen McManus

These all are YA, thriller, and mystery books that have everyone talking on book-tok and other blogs. I’m looking forward to reading them throughout the summer. If I finish through these before the summer ends. Which I’m sure I will, the next books I have been meaning to read are the Aurora Teagarden and Murder 101 mystery series. Both series have been adapted into Hallmark Mysteries TV Series. I have watched all seven of the Murder 101 episodes. I’m anxious to see if the TV series kept along with the book’s storyline or if one is better than the other. What books are on your Summer TBR List? Let me know in the comments below!

Spring Book Reviews

Sidelined by Julie Dicaro 

This book was assigned as one of the textbooks in my final graduate class. I honestly thought that it would be boring because you know the superstitious, teachers always assign boring books for assignments. I was pleasantly surprised with this book choice. As a woman in the sports world, I resonated with what she was saying in each chapter. If you are in the sport world male or female I recommend you read this book. It will make you see that sports aren’t always so glamorous. 

Billy Summers by Stephen King 

Stephen King is known for his thrillers and horror stories but this new book of his is a thriller but not a horror story. It follows an army sniper veteran, in his new occupation of being a hired killer. The story starts with this being his final job before he hangs it up to live the rest of his life, hopefully not in prison. He constantly says he only kills the really bad guys and that he too is a really bad guy but following along with his story you just might not think the Billy Summers this hired killer is a bad guy.  There are many twists and turns in the story as in every King thriller. I would recommend this to readers that have read King’s past books and any other reader that loves a good thrilling bad guy turned good guy story. 

Summer TBR & Spring Book Reviews Final Thoughts

The spring was just not a good season for reading for me. I had too many assignments, games, work, and family/friend affairs keeping me very busy. I hope you had a successful spring reading season! Let me know in the comments below what books you finished this spring and what you thought of them. Laters babes!

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