Summer Fashion Trends of 2022

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The fashion experts of the world have made their decision on what is in this summer and what is out. I’m honestly shocked at what made the Summer Fashion Trends of 2022 list and what has finally died out of style. Get ready for a bold and trippy summer of fashion babes!

Summer Fashion Trends of 2022

Platform Shoes the higher the better. 

Pink is the color of the season. The bolder the better. Look at Saweetie or Travis Barker’s Grammy outfit for inspiration all summer long. 

The summer fashion aesthetic this season is “poolside fashion”. The best description of this would be dressing in the form of bikinis worn over shirts and pants, fancy slides, and “coverups” that looked more fit for the nightclub than the beach club. 

The short hemlines are back in style for the warm season of course. Reach towards the mini dresses and skirts, or bodycon style all summer long. 

Although work wear fashion has taken a hit since the pandemic, the power work suits are back in style but bolder this summer. Opt for a bold color this summer such as greens, pinks, purples, and reds. 

Now for the oddest summer fashion trend, I have ever seen. Mushroom Prints and Mushroom Leather. Go about this how you want. Just don’t get too trippy on the trend. 

There is no surprise here on this summer trend. This summer back to school is a real hit. Lean into the more athletic-inspired styles like tennis skirts and skorts, as well as playful varsity sweaters and chunky loafers. 

Probably my favorite trend coming back this summer is the oldie but goody fringe! Whether it be in the form of a dress or skirt to make that summer statement or you could go for the more subtle approach with an accessory such as a bag or earrings. 

One summer trend that has not died yet and is still out for the long run is cutouts. You can find cutouts now in each article of clothing such as bodycon dresses and micro-mini skirts to thong pants and tops. 

Goodbye Y2K and hello 80’s! This summer the 80’s fashion styles are making a comeback. Keeping this the cutouts, the bodycon, and the return of mini lengths, but also the metallics, animal prints, and bold gold jewelry. Even bring out the opera gloves and all the drama this summer. 

If you are not the pantsuit type don’t worry the final summer trend is perfect for you and so easy to implicate in your everyday style! The matching sets. This summer lean towards the lighter fabrics and mood-boosting prints. The bolder, the better. 

What trend are you most shocked about this season? What summer trend will you jump on this season? Let me know in the comments below babes!

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