Summer Beauty Trends of 2022

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Just like the fashion experts have put their input in on the summer fashion trends this season. Beauty experts have voiced their opinions on the hottest Summer Beauty Trends of 2022. The great part about these trends is that everyone can try them, even if you are a novice in the beauty world. 

Summer Beauty Trends 2022

Inner Corner Pop is such an easy and fast summer look to achieve. Whether you add some shimmer or a bold color. You can’t go wrong with this style of the beauty look. 

Summer Beauty Trend of Inner Corner Pop
Example of Inner Corner Pop Style Makeup Look.

Shimmer Lips of the Y2K. Y2K might be out fashion-wise but in the beauty world, it is still reigning supreme. Break out that shimmer lip gloss or use a shimmer eyeshadow over your lipstick for a Y2K frosted lip look.

Shimmer Lips Summer Trend
Example of a Shimmer Lip Beauty Looks for Summer.

The Double Liner look from the 80s is a perfect beauty look to match the summer fashion trend. To achieve the trendy look use a black liner along the upper lash line and then put a bright, high contrast color on top of it to mimic the look of two different stripes of color. 

Double Eyeliner Look
Example of a Double Eyeliner Beauty Trend.

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Pastel Shades. Pastel eyeshadows are having a moment this summer. The colors are a perfect match for a season that is hot and hazy. Achieve the look by applying about three to five pastel eyeshadow shades onto your lid and crease. Then use a fluffy blending brush to merge the colors together to create a hazy, blurred effect to match the summer season. 

Pastels are the Eyeshadow of Summer
An example of a pastel color eyeshadow makeup look for summer.

The Fake Sun Burn Look. Don’t set aside those blush compacts yet babe! The look of spending all day at the pool or beach with a touch of rosy skin is on fire this summer. But we don’t want to actually get burnt and get sun damage so bust out that blush to create the effect of all day in the sun. To achieve this look, apply blush to your under eyes, the top of your forehead, and along the bridge of your nose to mimic a sunburnt skin look. 

The Fake Sun Burn Look using blush.
The “Fake Sun Burn”.

Bronzed Goddess. If you’re not the rosy-cheeked girl opt for a bronzy, radiant glow. To achieve this look apply a shimmery bronzer in a 3-C shape. This will ensure that you hit your temples, cheekbones, and jaw with bronzer on either side of your face. Another way is using a self-tanner. They are an easy way for everyone to look glowy this summer. 

Bronze it up this summer.
Example of the beauty trend Bronze Goddess.

Easy Monochromatic. A monochromatic makeup look creates a cohesive finish to your eyes, cheeks, and lips while enjoying the ease of just using one product before you start the day. Use a cream blush and cream bronzer for your eyes, cheeks, and lips to achieve this look. 

Monochromatic Beauty Trend Inspiration.

Beauty Accessories. The face lace, stones, gems, and pearls will be a hit this summer. To achieve this look, apply your select accessory with lash glue to the parts of your eyes where you’d like to spice things up. Ideas such as adding a cluster of pearls along the outer-v or a simple line of rhinestones along your lower lash will up the ante on your summertime makeup look, even if the rest of your face is relatively bare. 

Embellished Eyes
An example of using beauty accessories to make a look stand out.

What trend are you most shocked about this season? What summer trend will you jump on this season? Let me know in the comments below babes!

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