5 Things I Gave Up in my 20s

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Your twenties are without a doubt the hardest part of your life emotionally and mentally. You are either in college, out of college, single, married, no kids, multiple kids, a corporate job, or a stay-at-home job. Everyone around your age is different. You are transitioning into becoming a real adult but still have no idea what or how that should look like. Comparison can be the devil disguised throughout your twenties. In your twenties, it is important to give up certain notions or stereotypes. I know I did, and it wasn’t easy either. Here are 5 Things I Gave Up in my 20s that have made all the difference in my mental and emotional health. 

Things I Gave Up in My 20s

5 Things I Gave Up in my 20s 

  1. The stereotype of having to go out every weekend. Ether partying or getting drunk. This one is so important. Everyone will try and say “you’re only 20 once” or “you only go to college once”. Let me tell you something. If you are going to college only to party, you need to rethink your life. End of story. There is nothing glamorous about hugging a towel at 2 AM or waking up with a massive hangover. You can do without that life experience. Trust me. 
  2. Timelines of life. I can’t tell you how many times I have sat in a depressive state because my timeline did not end up the way I had planned. Do not set those standards for yourself. An example is: graduate from college and get your dream job at 22, get engaged to the dickweed that hasn’t given you the time of day for the past 5+ years at 23, marry at 24, and then have your first kid by 25. God has a plan for you, and it might not be exactly the way you had planned, but trust me it’s for the better! 
  3. Comparison to others. This also piggybacks with timelines. DO NOT compare your life timeline with someone else! Just because yours didn’t go as planned, does not mean that you can sit back and compare yourself to Mary who you went to high school with just because she has gotten engaged, married, and had kids. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! Save yourself the horrible emotions and mental baggage that comes with comparing yourself to anyone. 
  4. The fear of what others might think. Another one I struggled with until recently. This “fear” is first installed into us when we approach middle school and then keeps growing mentally each year after, through high school and even college for some. Hollywood and the Media glamorize the idea of fitting in, being popular, and status quos. It is your life and no one can criticize or dismiss it. If you want to start that social blog do it. If you want to start a small business do it. If you want to wear that outfit or makeup do it! Do not let the fear of what others might think win. 
  5. The “one-up” friends or other known as the friend who only calls or wants you around when they have problems but do not reciprocate. This “friend” is actually the worst person to let in your life. They are disguised as a friend but underneath they are fun-sucker who reaps the benefits of your friendship without giving anything in return. Time to say bye bitch and block. 

Do you struggle with any of the above? Have you thought about these 5 Things I Gave Up in my 20s? Should you give them up too? It’s okay! Your twenties are going to be all about growth. You are not going to have everything figured out. I know I sure don’t. But in all reality does anyone ever figure it out? No, because everyone is DIFFERENT!

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  1. Lol, I wish I had given up partying and drinking in my 20s. It took me well into my 30s before I realised I wasn’t doing any favours for myself. Great on you for starting early. Thanks for sharing!

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