Unpopular Opinions Competitive Dance Edition

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By definition, unpopular opinions are simply defined as ideas and beliefs that go against or completely contradict the conventional status quo. But who makes the status quo? When it comes down to it unpopular opinions are opinions that individuals may hold that don’t typically hold to the average opinions of others. The competitive dance world is no different. There are status quos or as I like to call them “trends” that many studios and dancers partake in. Just like everyone else I have my opinions on some of the trends we see today in the competitive dance world. Here are my Unpopular Opinions Competitive Dance Edition.

5 Unpopular Opinions Competitive Dance Edition

  1. The no tights look. I absolutely hate it. When teams were tights it gives a smooth clean line effect on stage. I especially don’t like when leos are the costume and the team or dancer has no tights on. From my view, wearing tights just looks cleaner. 
  2. Tricks. Tricks. Tricks. We all know that studio that just puts in trick after trick after trick in their dances. One or two tricks are fine but having a routine full of them is annoying. That’s not dancing it’s tumbling and gymnastics. 
  3. Making it a contract to have a certain length of hair to be on the competitive team. I know of a lot of studios that do this. It’s just not a good look in my opinion. Everyone is different, let them be different and showcase their personality. 
  4. Not having dancers take a ballet class. This is the worst thing you could do to your dancers. Ballet is the backbone of any dance style. It should be taken seriously. Look at those technique scores. Are they low? Yes. Are the kids taking ballet seriously? No. Then there is the start of your problem. 
  5. Being an only one style of dance team or studio. I believe being a well-rounded dancer will benefit you in the long run. Back when I was younger if you were on the competition team, you were required to be in every style of class from ballet, to hip hop, to jazz, to tap. It helped us become fluent in each style and personally helped me later on in my college career and coaching career. 

Final Thoughts

Coming from the dance world growing up and seeing it become what it is today is a very humbling experience. I enjoy coaching the next generation of dancers every day! Many dancers and coaches might not have the same opinions but you know everyone is going to have an unpopular opinion no matter what sport or activities you’re involved in. Laters babes!

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