Monthly Recap and Look Ahead

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Monthly Recap – June

Month Recap and Highlights 

The start of June was full of fun adventures and a few lazy days in between. Mom and I started the adventures with Dogs Night Out at Graeter’s Ice Cream, tried a new Mexican restaurant, hiked at Taylorsville Lake, visited the Louisville Zoo, and had a yard sale shopping day. Dawson and I took a few adventures of our own this month too. Such as mini-golfing, go-karting, drag races, car shows, and a baseball game. It was the perfect start to summer! 

The top highlight of the month of June was getting to accept a head dance coach position at a high school. Dance has been a part of my life for so many years, I can’t imagine my life without it. I’m looking forward to being in charge of my own team and growing the program to the best it can be. Maybe even make it to state and nationals along the way. We just completed team tryouts and now it’s off to camp at the beginning of July. 

Fashion & Beauty 

My predictions for summer fashion trends were a little off. Halter tops sadly didn’t make the list but athletic skirts did. I found the perfect athletic skirt from TJ Maxx. It’s a golf skirt from the brand Tommy Bahama. I styled it so many times this month and I’m sure I will continue to for the rest of the summer months. 

My personal favorite clothing item to style all summer long is bike shorts. I love good bike shorts. Fabletics is my go-to for any leggings, bike shorts, and sports bras. I took advantage of their 60% off sale at the beginning of the month and got the cutest set. The Angle 2 Piece Outfit: Oasis Twist Sports Bra and Oasis Bike Shorts 6’’.

Fabletics just launched their newest collaboration with Maddie Ziegler. I purchased her first collection with them, way back. If you are a dancer, yogi, or workout girl her collection is perfect for you! 

Monthly Recap and Look Ahead
Soroci Low Hyaluronic Tangerine Booster Serum

I have been obsessed with one particular skincare product this month. It is Soroci Low Hyaluronic Tangerine Booster Serum. It is the perfect moisturizer for summer. It’s lightweight and leaves skin feeling refreshed after each use. Test it out for yourself here! 


This month started off really well walking each day or doing yoga but it spiraled downhill halfway through the month. It got so hot outside that my motivation to walk outside for long periods was extinguished and I’m not a fan of walking on treadmills. If anyone has any advice on how they stay motivated to work out each day please send them my way! 

Food and Drink Cravings 

I’m still obsessed with Tropicana’s new Pina Colada juice. I have had to limit myself to one cup a day or I would drink the whole jug. The Outshine Fruit Bars in particular the raspberry and watermelon are also still an obsession that stuck through the month. New food cravings I have developed this month are Gluten-Free Double Stuffed Oreos. I go in and out of craving them, June just so happened to be one of the months I craved them. A new drink habit I developed this month is drinking more water. Now if you know me I HATE water with a passion. It has no taste. Thankfully I invested in a Cirkul Water Bottle. It makes staying hydrated and drinking more water so easy, fun, and delicious. There are over 40 flavors you can choose from and dial-up or down for flavor preferences. Using Cirkul also removes 84% of plastic waste! Each flavor is zero calories, has no sugar, all-natural flavoring, and no artificial colors! 

Get your own starter bundle here!


I of course kept watching Vampire Diaries but I also started a new tv series this month! The spin-off, Legacies. I’m only in season one but so far I love it! The sad part is it’s not getting renewed so it only has four seasons. Live TV-wise I have been keeping up with the College World Series. As we speak I’m watching Game 2 of the Championship. I’m rooting for Ole Miss all the way! Bye Bommer Sooners! 


This month I finished three books. 

  • One of Us is Lying
  • One of Us is Next 
  • A Good Girls Guide to Murder 

I’m on a mystery and thriller kick right now and I don’t think it’s gonna stop anytime soon. 


I really didn’t listen to music this month. I was either reading or watching Netflix in my free time all month. 

Goals Achieved and Left Short 

Finish reading 2 books – Achieved 

Workout/movement 5 times per week – Left Short

Drink 20 oz of water each day – Almost 

Become an early riser – Not even close 

Post to stories each day – Almost 

Start a freebie library for followers – Achieved 

Find a job/income – Achieved 

Be more productive with my time each day – Yes and No 

Lessons Learned 

Keeping motivated is hard, especially with working out and starting new habits. I need a motivation buddy to keep me in check. Doing social media is hard. Finding time to make content, then engage, then post stories each day, something always gets left out. All of these can be accomplished I know I can do it I just need to keep myself in check. What do you guys do to stay motivated, get new habits started, and keep them? Let me know in the comments below! 

Monthly Look Ahead – July


I’m taking July to focus on being the best me I can be. Showing up in my business, as a coach, as a student, as an athlete, as a reader, and as a friend and daughter. If it is not going to make me the best I can be it’s not going to happen. That is the mentality I’m going into the month with. I’m strong and able to achieve each one of my goals this month! 


  • Finish reading 2 books 
  • Start a Fabletics Fit program & Stick with it 
  • Drink 20 oz of water each day 
  • Become an early riser 
  • Post to stories each day 
  • Post a reel each day 
  • Learn something new each day
  • Time-block everyday 


  • Read one chapter 
  • FabFit program
  • Drink one full Cirkul 
  • Wake up at 6:30 am 
  • Post your face to stories 
  • Post a reel
  • Journal 2x 
  • Time block and organize day 
  • Learn something new 
  • Balance drink 
  • Skincare 2x
  • No phone time for 1-3 hours 

Health and Wellness 

Fabletics Fit is an app offered to VIP members of Fabbletics. I used to use it religiously before I moved to Kentucky, and loved the different workouts it offered. I redownloaded it in June to find that they added even more programs, workouts, and meditations. There is something for everyone on this Fitness App. Workout classes range in all different categories such as barre, boxing, cardio, dance, HIIT, pilates, recovery, strength, toning, and yoga. Programs are just as versatile. You have so many to choose from all lasting from 1 week to 5 weeks. It’s going to be hard to choose which program to start this month. 


I hope to finish the series of A Good Girls Guide to Murder in July. It’s a three-book series. I finally got a library card in June! I hope to spend time in the library and check out more books to save money this month. 

Final Thoughts 

July is going to be a great month, I can already feel it. What are you looking forward to most this month? How was June for you? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you have an amazing month babes!

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