July Monthly Recap

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July Monthly Recap

Month Reflection and Highlights 

July was a great month! I’m delighted with everything in my life currently. I have the most incredible relationship with my boyfriend whom I love more than anything in the world. I have gotten back into the dance world that I have missed for the past two years. I also started going back to church regularly each Sunday. 

July Recap - Race #2

This month’s adventures with Dawson included two races, plenty of car shows, and spending time with our friends and family. I sadly didn’t take that many pictures of all the trips and date nights but I have the memories forever. 

I missed teaching and creating dances for the next generation of dancers. It has definitely come back to being my happy place and creative outlet. My high school team and I started the month out at UDA Summer Camp to learn and get ready for the upcoming season. Spending the time with the girls and getting to know them more was fun but also getting back into learning new dances, styles, and techniques was super refreshing. I believe this team will do amazing things this season and I can’t wait for Friday night lights again! 

July Recap - Dance Team Huddle

Church hasn’t been at the frontal since moving two years ago. Louisville is just so big and we had no clue where to start finding a new church home. Luckily since moving to the outskirts of Louisville we have had amazing neighbors who have become more like family. They invited us to their church one Sunday. We loved the worship, sermon, and the people. Mom and I are so thankful to find a church family here. 

The highlight of July was definitely receiving a bid to Nationals at UDA Summer Camp. The girls and I are so excited to go to Nationals in Flordia in February. I’m super proud of them. This will be the first time in over five years that the dance team will be going to Nationals! 

July Recap - Team Awards

Fashion & Beauty 

As summer continues I’m wearing my Fabletics Bike Shorts more and more. This month I was invited to a Fabletics VIP Event at their new store location here in Louisville. To say I splurged on the VIP deals is an understatement. I walked away with bike shorts, two pairs of leggings, and a sports bra. I’m looking forward to continuing to shop at the new store location. 


Dancing with the girls has become my daily exercise lately. I honestly should do the conditioning alongside them but I haven’t. I keep telling myself I will start a Fabletics Fit app program but keep putting it off. Hopefully in August will start a regular routine I can schedule a program workout along my practice and work schedules. My church has an amazing Fitness Center available so maybe I’ll start lifting there this upcoming month. 

Food and Drink Cravings 

I have still continued this month on the habit of drinking more water. The Cirkul Water Bottle has made it so easy to drink water each day. It makes staying hydrated and drinking more water so easy, fun, and delicious. There are over 40 flavors you can choose from and dial up or down for flavor preferences. Using Cirkul also removes 84% of plastic waste! Each flavor is zero calories, has no sugar, all-natural flavoring, and no artificial colors! 

Get your own starter bundle here! https://drinkcirkul.com/share/Jessi-V6029375373402


I have still been keeping up with Legacies. I’m in season two now, but I read more than watched TV in July. 


My mystery and thriller kick did not stop in July. I finished the series of A Good Girls Guide to Murder. This month I jumped on the bandwagon of Kindle Unlimited. I already finished one book in a matter of 48 hours after downloading it. The Twisted Series is currently what I’m reading through on Kindle Unlimited. In book form, I started Where the Crawdads Sing. 


I have been listening to Podcasts more than music this past month. I have to have a Podcast on to keep focused on working while at home. 

Goals Achieved and Left Short 

Finish reading 2 books – Complete

Start a Fabletics Fit program & Stick with it – nope

Drink 20 oz of water each day – over half complete 

Become an early riser – nope

Post to stories each day – nope

Post a reel each day – nope

Learn something new each day – nope 

Time-block every day – complete 

Lessons Learned 

Once again this month it was hard to keep motivated is hard, especially with working out and starting new habits. I am still in need of a motivation buddy to keep me in check. I have been doing better with time blocking my social media work time. Finding time to make content, then engage, then schedule posts. Posting to stories has still become a back thought along with posting reels each day.  All of these can be accomplished I know I can do it I just need to keep myself in check. What do you guys do to stay motivated, get new habits started, and keep them? Let me know in the comments below! 

July Blog Posts

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August Look Ahead


August is going to be focused on balancing work, dance team schedule, and blogging. At work, I’m going to be focusing on building a new website, new branding, new social accounts, a new marketing plan, and new classes that could be offered. For the high school dance team, I’m focusing on game-day material such as drilling sidelines and halftime performances. Meanwhile, on my blog business I’m transitioning into two posts a week, creating relatable and helpful content, but also being myself in the posts and on social media. I read somewhere that if you work in social media you should only consume as little as possible of your own social accounts. I’m going to take this advice and limit my time scrolling through my social accounts when I’m bored. I will only scroll on social if I have planned that time for engaging. 


Finish reading 4 books 

Start a Fabletics Fit program 

Drink 20 oz of water each day 

Post a reel 3 days a week 

Use a 90-Day Goal Plan this month

Create new products for the digital shop


Read a chapter 

Bible Journal 

Daily Journal 

Fab Program 

20 oz of water

Health and Wellness 

Fabletics Fit is an app offered to VIP members of Fabbletics. I used to use it religiously before I moved to Kentucky. It offers so many different workouts. I re-downloaded it in June to find that they added even more programs, workouts, and meditations. There is something for everyone on this Fitness App. Workout classes range in all different categories such as barre, boxing, cardio, dance, HIIT, pilates, recovery, strength, toning, and yoga. Programs are just as versatile. You have so many to choose from all lasting from 1 week to 5 weeks. I WILL start a program this month and stick to it! 


I hope to finish the Twisted Series on Kindle Unlimited but also finish a few of the books stacked on my TBR pile this month. 

Final Thoughts 

August is going to be a great and busy month. What are you looking forward to most this month? How was July for you? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you have an amazing month babes!

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