Back to School Fashion Trends

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In August many students will be back to hitting the books and catching the last bell for class. Back to school is always an interesting time whether you’re a student or not. The stress of finding all the school supplies, picking the perfect first-day outfit, and also being on time can make one go crazy. During this time we also see firsthand what is on trend. In the fashion and school supplies. I always remember wanting the coolest notebooks and folders in elementary school with the designs, glitter, and pictures. The same goes for kids today.  Back-to-school fashion trends are a combination of current streetwear styles and whatever is going viral on social media with the school-age generation. Fashion trends also draw from a combination of popular culture and high fashion. Let’s take a look to see what fashion trends are hot in this back-to-school season. 

Back to School Fashion Trends

Back to School Fashion Trends

Slip Dresses can be tricky to style for school dress code standards, but try adding a plain t-shirt under or a sweater over it. Both style options are in dress code regulations. 

Tie Dye Patterns will be everywhere from clothing articles to backpacks and school supplies. 

Platform White Sneakers are such a staple in fashion. They are perfect for back to school because they’re functional and can be worn with anything. The possibilities are endless. 

A Youthful Spin On The Coastal Grandmother Trend. I’m still here for this trend! Many don’t understand exactly what Coastal Grandmother style is. Think high-quality knits worn in oversized sizes, loose linens, button-downs, and a minimalist, preppy look. 

Uggs And Anything Early 2000s. No chock here the 2000s are peak fashion material. Uggs are just like the white platform sneaker a cozy staple that can be worn with just about anything. 

Bike Shorts are my personal favorite! They’re comfy and can be dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with an oversized sweatshirt. They’re also versatile enough to wear to the gym after school.

Oversized and Cropped Sweatshirts. Anything oversized seems to be the theme of back-to-school in 2022. From sweatshirts to jackets, loose looks are all the rave. In addition to oversized sweatshirts, cropped versions are also trendy. many cropped sweatshirts styles aren’t super high cropped and can be worn over a tank top for a more school-friendly look.

The Athleisure Look. Don’t put away those joggers, yoga pants, and sneakers just yet. 

The Wide Leg Pants. Skinny jeans are still none existent in the fashion trends. Opt for boyfriend jeans with the lower waists or mom jeans with the high waists this school year. I love the look of a wide pant leg and a skinny heel! 

Many of the back-to-school trends are all over the place thanks to the generational shift. What you will see around the college campus will be widely different from what you will see at middle and high school. Wherever you are this school year wear what makes you happy! Have a great school year babes!

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