Fall Fashion Trends of 2022

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September has officially hit us, you know what that means it’s the best season for fashion. It’s time for fall! All the warm and neutral tones and cozy vibes. The fashion experts have made their decision on what is going to heat up fall this season. I for one am excited to wear all the fall trends this season. Without further or due here are the Fall Fashion Trends of 2022. 

Fall Fashion Trends of 2022

Fall Fashion Trends of 2022

Baggy Denim – Leather Jackets – Situated and Strokable Knits 

Bomber Jackets – Oversized Button Ups – The White Tank and Blue Jeans Combo 

Floor Length Hemlines – Shades of Carmel – Tailored and Corset Waists

Trench and Oversized Coats – Square Loafers and Clogs – Above the Knee Boots 

Flapper Era Shimmer, Sequins, and Rhinestones  – Grunge and Punk Aesthetic 

What trends will you be strutting this fall? Let me know in the comments below!

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