Easy Halloween Costumes for the Babes

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As I said in the last post my favorite part about Halloween is seeing everyone’s costumes. Some are very creative while others are you know the famous quote in Mean Girls. No matter what costume you are this Halloween here is some Easy Halloween Costumes for the Babes! 

Easy Halloween Costumes for the Babes
Easy Halloween Costumes for the Babes

The List of Ideas

Rosie the Riveter 

Candy Corn 

Baby from Dirty Dancing 

Smarty Pants 


Minnie Mouse 

Katherine Johnson from Hidden Figures 


It’s Raining Men 

Tinker Bell

Navarro Cheerleader 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

DIY Miss Universe

Kate Middleton

Party Animal


Wonder Women 

Cat Women 

A Flapper 

Emily in Paris 

Olivia Rodrigo

Cher from Clueless

Casey Becker from Scream 

Elle Woods 

Veronica or Betty or Cherly from Riverdale 

Audrey Hepburn

Black Swan 

Victoria Secret Angel

What will you be for Halloween babes? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Halloween!

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