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I have been seeing “Level 10 Life” all over my Pinterest lately. It has me intrigued to find out what a Level 10 Life consists of and whether it really works. There are thousands of people that use the personal growth tactic and swear by it. Level 10 Life is a personal growth strategy that comes from Hal Elrod’s book, My Miracle Morning. The idea behind Level 10 Life is: You pick ten areas of your life where you want to measure success such as relationships, health, and career for a few examples. Then create goals and plans that will help you bring those areas up to a “10.” The core of Level 10 Life is balance. It’s easy to focus on one area of your life and then neglect others. Level 10 Life helps remind us that all areas of our lives are equally important.

Level 10 Life

Achieving the idea of Level 10 Life can sound intimidating but there are plenty of resources such as a Level 10 Life Spread that will help you get started. There are so many examples of the spread but essentially on one side of your spread you’ll write down the 10 areas of your life, and on the other side you’ll write down goals that will help you bring those areas up to a 10. As you work toward goals that will hopefully bring every area of your life up to a 10, you’ll color in your chart with a color that aligns with the area of your life you’re looking to improve. By the end of the process, all 10 areas will be fully colored in. 

It can be very overwhelming to strive for 10 in all areas of your life. You can think of Level 10 Life as a year-long process. If you want to focus more on a few areas of your life one month at a time that is a great start. A great example would be to focus more on relationships than your career during the holiday season. 

Categories that are included are entirely up to you but the basics are: 

  • Health and Fitness
  • Physical Environment
  • Giving and/or Contributions
  • Fun and Recreation
  • Marriage or Relationship
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Spiritual
  • Personal Development
  • Family and Friends

The most important part of picking the categories is that you allow an accurate snapshot of your life and you feel like you can honestly access the categories in your life. 

Level 10 Life

After you choose the 10 categories you must assess yourself. It will take some time to look at each area and decide what level you think your life is at currently. For example, if you like your job but wish you would get a promotion to have more responsibility you could rate your Career as a 6. Maybe you don’t exercise enough or eat too much junk food so you rate your Health at a 3. The rating that you give yourself is very subjective and it can be difficult to decide. Just make sure you take your time and you are very honest with yourself. 

Level 10 Life

Once you record your current life levels it will be time to set some goals. This is the most important part of success. You don’t want to pick a goal and hope to achieve it. You have to actively plan how you will achieve that goal and where to focus your energy. Setting time-based goals will also help you become more accountable. Instead of saying “I want to read more.” you should say “I want to read 15 books in 5 months by reading each evening before bed for 20 minutes.” When you are more specific about your goals, you are more likely to achieve them.

Once you’ve set your goals, then you want to think about how you’re going to track them. Yes, the Level 10 Life Wheel can show you the progress you’ve made, but most goals are easier to achieve if you are tracking them more closely, such as a habit tracker. It’s important to keep checking back in with your Level 10 Life goals to see if you are getting where you want to be. You can do this as frequently as every day, week, or biweekly. It’s truly up to you. A bullet journal would be the perfect place to keep your Level 10 Life Spread and Goals! I hope this helped you understand the trend of a “Level 10 Life” and inspired you to give it a try.

Level 10 Life

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