My Favorite Winter Traditions

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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, as the famous song states. I would agree, besides the freezing part. There are so many different winter traditions around the world. I’m sure your family has their own winter traditions you do each year. Here are My Favorite Winter Traditions that we have done each year. 

My Favorite Winter Traditions

Festival of Lights 

This is called so many different names all around, but if you are driving through a place that has huge Christmas Lights Displays it’s called a Festival of Lights in my book. I know there are a few places that you can walk through a park too. 

Holiday Bazaars 

Local businesses always have the best gifts during the holidays. I love when communities come together and have a craft show or small business shop day. I have seen them be called so many different things. They usually start popping up around the first weekend in November. 

Black Friday Shopping 

I know I’m one of those weird people that like Black Friday shopping. I love the deals and the adrenaline rush of scoring the deal. 

Christmas Cookie Baking and Decorating 

Sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, and sprits are my favorite to make and of course, eat this time of year!

Christmas Decorating before Thanksgiving 

Gingerbread House Decorating 

Ever since I can remember I have decorated a premade gingerbread house each Christmas. I remember one year my nieces, nephews, and I competed to see who made the best gingerbread house. 

Christmas Eve Candle Lit Service 

I’m sure we all have been burned by the candle wax dripping during Silent Night. 

New Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve Night

This has been a new tradition Mom and I established after Dad died. Pumkin even gets a matching outfit. We take pictures and watch movies the rest of the night. 

Driving Around Looking at Christmas Lights 

I remember as a little girl we would visit this one house almost every week during the holidays. They went all out back then in my tinny country town. Nowadays there are houses that put on a whole show with music and everything. 

Christmas Tree Festival 

These are hard to come by nowadays. But growing The Festival of Trees was always the first weekend in December. It was definitely that holiday tradition EVERYONE did. The town’s businesses would come in, and decorate a tree for the event. I remember the year our new community center opened they hosted. It was three whole stories of Christmas trees. They also had an ISpy game each year. I won the game one year when I was little!  

Putting Together a Christmas Puzzle 

To get a good Christmas puzzle you must get to Hobby Lobby the first week of November. Anytime after they are already picked over or completely out. For the last three years, we have done dog-themed ones. 

Christmas Movies on Hallmark Channel 

Who doesn’t watch the Hallmark channel during the whole month of December? 

What are your favorite winter traditions you do each year? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Holidays babes! 

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