Holiday Book Reviews

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The holiday season is such a magical time. This season I put my TBR pile on hold to reach for some holiday season reads. Thankfully Kindle Unlimited came in clutch with downloading free Christmas season books. Here are all my Holiday Book Reviews! 

Holiday Book Reviews

Holiday Book Reviews

Resting Scrooge Face by Meghan Quinn

This was the first Christmas read I found on Kindle Unlimited. The cover was pretty and had almost a four-star rating. I didn’t even read the description before starting which is very unlike me. I was surprised by how short the read was but it kept me intrigued the whole time. The story developed rather fast which is totally okay. No need to drag the cliche love story out. This read reminded me of all the Hallmark Christmas movies that have ever been made. 

Resting Scrooge Face

The Goodreads Description: 

After a bad breakup, Nola wants nothing to do with Christmas, especially in her quaint hometown of Bright Harbor, Maine. Infuriatingly charming and cheery, Nola’s surroundings only worsen her sour mood. To make matters worse, Caleb, the boy who broke her heart years ago, is all grown up and still living in town. While doing her best to avoid him, Nola bumps into the local mailman, who gives her a mysterious letter. And when she finds that the writer is a fellow Scrooge, she can’t help but feel her spirit-lifting.

Nola writes back to her new pen pal—who, unbeknownst to Nola, is none other than Caleb. When Caleb gets a response hand delivered by the mailman, he’s intrigued by the mystery sender. A friendly correspondence develops—and quickly turns flirtatious. Although Nola and Caleb claim they can’t stand each other, they can’t deny the simmering attraction that brought them together in the first place. Can these nameless pen pals write their own love story—or will they be too caught up with the ghosts of their Christmases past to find a future together?

Overall the humor is good, especially the letters, the characters are delightful and the story, although short, is sweet. This is a lighthearted Christmas tale that should lift anyone’s holiday spirit. It gets a 3 out of 5 stars for me. 

Tis the Season for Revenge 

This was my favorite of the holiday books I read. It gives a Legally Blonde vibe but with a twist and a whole lot of spice. We love women who find themselves again, become happy, and get revenge. The story progresses at a great pace not too fast or slow. The spice gets a 10 out of 10 alone. 

Holiday Book Reviews - Tis the Season for Revenge

The Goodreads Description: 

Abbie Keller thought that Richard Bartholemew Benson the Third would be her forever. In their four years of dating, she never doubted that she wouldn’t end up with his grandmother’s engagement ring on her finger. Sure, she had to change a few things about herself to fit that mold, like dying her hair, dressing more conservatively, and finding golf enjoyable (honestly the most difficult of the changes), but she was sure that at the end of it all, it would be worth it. That is until he leaves her crying outside her apartment wearing a Halloween costume, having broken it off with her because she’s just not serious enough. She was just fun, he tells her – and now that Richard has become a partner at his law firm in his sights, he needs to focus on work.

So she does what every girl does when she’s broken up with: she calls her friends, gets drunk, dyes her hair, and formulates her plan for revenge. It just so happens that the universe supports her efforts and gives her the perfect match to prove to her ex that he made a huge mistake: his boss. Abbie starts dating the founding partner of Richard’s law firm, Damien Martinez, with one thing in mind: convincing him to invite her to the huge annual Christmas party as his date. But when the relationship starts to become something more than casual dating and Abbie sees that the tough New York lawyer has a soft side, will she be able to follow through with her plan of deceit?

Overall I’m glad I listened to Booktok and read this holiday book. It was cheesy, it was hot, and it made my holiday season. It gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me. 

There is also a Dog by Kayley Loring

This was not long at all. I feel like I read it in under an hour. It’s your typical love story. Nothing really exciting about this one. Perfect for those needing one more book to complete their year challenge. 

Holiday Book Reviews - There is also a Dog

The Goodreads Description: 

This is a story about a cabin in a small town, a workaholic New Yorker who hates the holidays, and a hot nerd local doctor who loves Christmas…and flirting. It starts to snow. There is also a dog. It’s a short, sweet, hilarious, and steamy Christmas story to enjoy with your eggnog.

Just kidding. Nobody enjoys eggnog. Enjoy this with something chocolatey.

Overall I was hoping for a sweet Christmas story and what I got was a disappointing one. It got a 3 out of 5 stars just because I refuse to give a book anything 2 or lower. 

The Mistletoe Bet by Maren Moore

Thank goodness this book picked up what “There is also a Dog” lacked. I’m a sucker for a brother’s best-friend romance and this one did not disappoint. It involves some spice but not too much. It offers more Christmas themes than any of the others I read. It’s adorable watching the feeling grow between the two characters and also her feeling about Christmas. 

Holiday Book Reviews - The Mistletoe Bet

The Goodreads Description: 

Everyone says “there’s no place like home”… well not for me.

When I’m forced to spend the holidays at home with my family in Strawberry Hollow, I have no idea how I’m even going to survive the week, let alone make it through my least favorite holiday… Christmas. That is until I run into my childhood crush, and my brother’s best friend, Parker Grant. Now, he’s the sexy, off-limits doctor in our small town and nothing like the man I left behind six years ago. While I hate the holidays, there is nothing that he loves more. Well, other than a good bet. Which is exactly what happens when we end up together under the mistletoe. A bet that changes everything. He asks for the next seven days to change my mind about Christmas. But seven days alone with Parker is more than either of us bargained for. Now, there’s much more at stake than a silly mistletoe bet.

Overall it was a hallmark movie with a side of spice. 5 out of 5 stars for this adorable Christmas novel. 

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren 

The holiday book I’m constantly seeing on all social channels. I had to see what the fuss was about. It didn’t live up to all the hype I have been seeing but it was a cute little story. The plot was interesting but rather slow, I didn’t really enjoy the story till over halfway through. The ending was definitely the best part of the whole book. I couldn’t imagine living the same day over and over like Mae. I definitely would go insane. The characters were well written and describe well through the storyline. Each had their piece in the story to all come together. 

Holiday Book Reviews - In a Holidaze

The Goodreads Description: 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…but not for Maelyn Jones. She’s living with her parents, hates her going-nowhere job, and has just made a romantic error of epic proportions. But perhaps worst of all, this is the last Christmas Mae will be at her favorite place in the world—the snowy Utah cabin where she and her family have spent every holiday since she was born, along with two other beloved families. Mentally melting down as she drives away from the cabin for the final time, Mae throws out what she thinks is a simple plea to the universe: Please. Show me what will make me happy.

The next thing she knows, tires screech and metal collides, and everything goes black. But when Mae gasps awake…she’s on an airplane bound for Utah, where she begins the same holiday all over again. With one hilarious disaster after another sending her back to the plane, Mae must figure out how to break free of the strange time loop—and finally get her true love under the mistletoe. Jam-packed with yuletide cheer, an unforgettable cast of characters, and Christina Lauren’s trademark hijinks, this swoon-worthy romantic read will make you believe in the power of wishes and the magic of the holidays.

Overall I would definitely recommend this holiday read to someone wanting a good old fashion Christmas novel. I would take a Christmas novel over a Hallmark Christmas movie any day. This holiday read gets 4 stars out of 5! 

What holiday reads did you finish? Did you read any of the same holiday reads? Let me know your holiday book reviews. Have a great New Year babes!

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