Reasons New Year Resolutions Fail

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A new year is a fresh start or a new chapter in your life story. With each New Year, many will set new year resolutions but only 12% will complete those new year resolutions. Now there are many reasons why many fail to complete their new year’s resolutions but everyone is different. Here are the top 10 Reasons New Year Resolutions Fail! 

Reasons New Year Resolutions Fail

Number 1: Treating the goal like a sprint. 

Having the “I want it all and I want it now” attitude will get you nowhere. It takes time to change your habits to ultimately achieve success. Making small changes can be time-consuming but isn’t intimidating as changing big differences. If done right, you won’t even notice them. If you have a lot of bad habits today, the last thing you need to do is remodel your entire life overnight. Instead of following a super restrictive plan that bans anything fun, add one positive habit per week. 

Number 2: You don’t believe in yourself! 

Change is scary. If you’ve tried (and failed) to set a New Year’s resolution (or several) in the past, I know it might be hard to believe in yourself. Doubt is a nagging voice in your head that will resist personal growth with every ounce of its being. The only way to defeat doubt is to believe in yourself.

Number 3: Too much thinking, not enough doing. 

Even the best self-help book in the world can’t save you if you fail to take action. Yes, you should seek inspiration and knowledge, but only as much as you can realistically apply to your life.

Number 4: You aren’t enjoying the process. 

The best of us couldn’t bring ourselves to do something we hate consistently, so make your goal steps to fun, however, you’ve gotta do it. 

Number 5: Not tracking your progress! 

Keeping a written record of changes will help you sustain an “I CAN do this” attitude. All you need is a notebook and a pen. Improving your best performance on a regular basis offers positive feedback that will encourage you to keep going.

Number 6: Not having your support system. 

It can be hard to stay motivated when you feel alone. You are never alone. Post a status on any of your social media sites asking your friends if anybody would like to be your gym or accountability buddy. Working together will help you be more likely to make positive decisions.

Number 7: Breaking and forming habits daily. 

Most of anyone’s new year’s resolutions are tasks that can be achieved in one day. You need consistency if you want these goals to be achievable! Something that cannot be defined by date. Create a habit and a process that would make you successful. Making a resolution will not help to follow through with your set goals, but your determination will! 

Number 8: Repeated failure breaks confidence. 

Repeated failures break our will and confidence to do something. The constant reminder of failing every time is discouraging for anyone. After a while, it stops you even from developing the courage to make a resolution. The impact on self-image depletes on account of repeated failures. You start believing that you do not have what it takes to do or achieve something. 

Number 9: You are procrastinating! 

The bottom line is if you really want to do something or give up something, you need not wait for any date to start putting in an effort. Everything that shapes your future begins now!

Number 10: You know what you want but not your why. 

This is the BIGGEST reason new year’s resolutions fail. You know what you want but you do not know why you want it. Forget about any preconceived notions and be true to yourself.

The more specific you can make your goal, the more vivid it will be in your imagination, the more encouraged you’ll be, and the more likely it is you will succeed! 

How many have resonated for these reasons their new year’s resolutions fail each year? I know I do. The best part is 2023 is a new year a clean slate! You got this! I got this! We got this! Let’s make 2023 the best year yet babes!

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