Reimagine Goals and Habits

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Does anyone else need help establishing new habits and keep up with them? I’m the queen of starting a new habit and then failing not too long after. I have read every self-help book around, but nothing stuck. Unit I decided to combine all the techniques together did I see improvement, it definitely was not perfection, but a start to achieving my big goals set each year or month. Want to know which techniques I combined together to reimagine goals and habits? Let me show you! 

Essentially I ask myself a series of questions to get to define the goal, the steps, the setbacks, and the completion. I like to think of the process as a brain dump of what I want. Here are the questions asked when I reimagine goals and habits of mine.

The Questions Asked

  1. What Do I Want? 
  2. Why? 
  3. What could stop or is stopping me? 
  4. How can I prevent these setbacks or roadblocks? 
  5. What habits can be formed? 
  6. How can it be tracked? 
  7. When should this be done by? 
  8. What will I reward myself with? 
  9. How can I keep it going? 

An Example 

I want to finish 50 books this year. 

Reading is my favorite hobby. It allows me to escape to a different world. I enjoy my reading time. 

Having enough time could become a problem. A reading block could also happen. 

I can prevent these by scheduling time into my day for reading, carrying a book with me everywhere to take advantage of time, and only reading what looks or sounds interesting to me to avoid a reading block. 

I can form a reading at least one chapter a day. Finishing 4 books each month. 

I’m keeping track of my reading in my bullet journal. 

By the end of each month and the end of 2023. 

I will reward myself with a B&N membership.

I will keep reading as long as I live. 

Now it’s your turn babe! Use this Reimage Goals and Habits worksheet to see what you can accomplish this month or year!

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