Guide to Style Aesthetics in 2023

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Aesthetics are different styles of dress, such as vintage, arty, or even goth. The term refers to the look you create with clothing, accessories, and beauty. Aesthetics can also refer to casual styles, formal dresses, or office wear, as these still look you create with clothes. Though many don’t consider fashion aesthetic types when styling themselves, we do it unintentionally. Once you learn about the range of aesthetics, you can start dressing more intentionally and looking more coordinated. At the end of the day, playing with different aesthetics and styles should be fun! Here is your Guide to Style Aesthetics in 2023! 

Guide to Style Aesthetics in 2023

The Baddie Aesthetic 

Style Aesthetic Baddie

The baddie look is all about confidence, and it doesn’t hurt if you know how to put together an effortlessly sexy outfit, too. Baddie fashion is tight, a little revealing, and a little sporty. Think wide-leg pants and lounge-style sets, and definitely accessorized. 


Style Aesthetic Balletcore

The ballerina aesthetic is feminine, sweet, and soft– sort of the romantic version of the Barbiecore trend. Balletcore, as it’s been dubbed, is very much a fantasy vibe and should include lots of tulle, sweetheart necklines, and of course ribbons. 


Barbiecore Style Aesthetic

When it comes to Barbiecore fashion, it must be hot pink! If you can imagine the iconic Barbie wearing your outfit, you’re definitely doing it right. Barbiecore is glitzy, glamorous, excessive, and hyper-feminine; combined, this popular aesthetic feels super powerful and empowering.

Coastal Grandmother 

Coastal Grandmother Style Aesthetic

The Coastal Grandmother aesthetic is honestly so perfect since it combines chic, natural fabrics with comfortable design. Refined yet simple and cozy, this fashion trend is one of my favorites for work outfits, weekend brunch, and relaxing vacations. 


Style Aesthetic Cottagecore

Cottagecore fashion is whimsical and rustic, inspired by fairytales and rural life. Heavy on earth tones, natural hues, and simple patterns. Cottagecore should feel both practical and romantic, like something you could wear in the garden whether you’re gathering vegetables or sipping tea with friends. Think ditsy floral prints, smocked details, flowy skirts, and puff sleeves.


Gothic Style Aesthetic

If Wednesday Addams is your style muse, you already understand the basics of gothcore. Black is of course the color of choice, so you’ll mostly be making fabric, silhouette, and detail choices. Details that might traditionally feel soft such as lace, feel powerful and mysterious in all-black, and go perfectly in gothcore.

Romcom Core 

Romcom Core Style Aesthetic

The vibe is comfortable, feminine, and effortlessly sexy, all with a touch of practicality that makes this aesthetic feel oh-so relatable. Think 2000s Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston style. 

Western core

Style Aesthetic Western Core

Western core toes the line between cowgirl aesthetic and cottage care. Feeling simultaneously practical and whimsical. Floral prints, long skirts, and boots are a hallmark of this trend, and we love accessorizing with boots, wide-brimmed hats, and simple leather accessories.

Dark Acedamia 

Dark Academia Style Aesthetic

The academic fashion trend is heavily influenced by vintage fashion within the academic subculture, specifically worn by college students, professors, and so-called “intellectuals” in classic literature and media. Often inspired by European fashion aesthetics, academic fashion is closely related to preppy fashion.

Light Academia 

Light Academia Style Aesthetic

Light academia is quite literally lighter, using more classic academic themes like sweaters, beige and tan tones, and leathers.


Grunge Style Aesthetic

Grunge fashion is loose, gritty, and androgenous–designed to create a straight silhouette that de-emphasizes curves. Sometimes compared to a skater or punk fashion, grunge clothing often includes distressed or raw edge details such as rugged denim and plaid.


Normcore Style Aesthetic

This style aesthetic is all about getting back to basics. Normcore rejects abundance and pretense and embraces practicality and simplicity. Norm core is down-to-earth, feels blue-collar, and is in many ways a way of dressing as a statement of solidarity with regular, average, working-class people. It’s unisex, consisting of staples like button-up tops, jeans, sneakers, sweats, and tees.

Soft Girl 

Style Aesthetic Soft Girl

Soft girl fashion is cute, feminine, sweet, and well…soft! Think living doll, pastels, and princess dresses, and you’ve come pretty close to soft girl vibes. The soft girl aesthetic is inspired somewhat by social media and popular soft girl icons like Ariana Grande.


Y2K Style Aesthetic

Y2K fashion is sometimes described as retro-futurism, pulling inspiration from vintage styles with a modern edge. A Y2K wardrobe should include shiny fabrics, chunky platform shoes, glamorous sunglasses, crop tops, ruched details, and more.


Vintage Style Aesthetic

Every decade goes through a resurgence at some point in modern trends, and the vintage aesthetic is no exception. This style takes its inspiration from varying elements of the decade’s past, such as band T-shirts from the 60s, bellbottom jeans from the 70s, a color palette from the 80s, and styling from the 90s. There are no rules for this trend, so you can take your favorite bits from each generation and incorporate them into your wardrobe.

There are so many style aesthetics to try! What style aesthetics will you give a try this year? We hope this Guide to Style Aesthetics in 2023 helps you branch out to new fashion endeavors. Laters babes!

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