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Summer Fashion Trends of 2023

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Warm weather has arrived, bringing with it longer days and packed calendars. With so many opportunities to get dressed. Such as vacations, weddings, you name it. Knowing the summer fashion trends of 2023 is essential. 

This season’s most popular trends range from the practical massive pockets, and airy fabrics to the decadent and fun mermaid-inspired sequins, and rosettes of all shapes and sizes. And compared with spring’s trends, which leaned more into denim and monochromatic styling, we like to think they’re just a touch more playful. Perfect for breathing new life into your current closet.

The Summer Fashion Trends of 2023

All Sheer Everything

Although you can certainly choose to bare it all under a thin layer of mesh or organza, the summer 2023 runways proved that see-through materials can also be modest. Layer transparent pieces with opaque (but not heavy) ones to give any outfit an ethereal look.

Romantic Rosettes

Rosettes have popped up on everything from dresses and chokers to button-down shirts, bodysuits, and even one-piece swimsuits.

Lavender Haze

No season can be boiled down to a single color, but one shade is popping up more than almost any other this season: lavender. It’s only natural, given that “digital lavender” was named by trend forecaster WGSN’s 2023 color of the year thanks to its ability to project a sense of calm in a world that feels increasingly hectic. Most iterations are completely solid—perfect if you shy away from prints.


Thanks to The Little Mermaid, we’re all ready to dress like we just emerged like Aphrodite from the sea. Sequins, cascading ruffles, and fishnets dominated the runways—and now retailers’ shelves. 

Bows on Bows

Put a bow on it. The accessories have always had a timeless appeal, but they’re especially hot right now.

Trompe L’oeil

Designers are obsessed with clothes that trick the eye, creating the illusion of another garment, a digital rendering, or a different body. In an age when we view clothes primarily through online images, trompe l’oeil pieces blur the boundary between real life and virtual trickery—plus, they also happen to look supremely cool.

Utility Pockets

The cargo pocket has been a star detail for a few summers now, and while it’s hard to miss with a pair of cargo pants, take a cue from the likes of Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton and add some to your skirt, shorts, or vest.

Remixed Boho

Thanks to fresh styling and revamped silhouettes, staples like fringe, tie-dye, and crochet feel new again, so dust off those Birkenstocks and prepare for a summer of love.

Puffed-Up Accessories

From Polly Pocket shoes at Loewe to inflatable bows at Moschino, this season’s details are simply more fun when they look like they’ve been stung by a bee.

Which summer fashion trends of 2023 will you be sporting this season?


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