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Jessi Brandt

A girl who loves books, fashion, and organization!

Hey, babes Jessi here! I’m a retired competitive dancer that has found my passion for blogging and creating content for others. I’m a small-town girl turned city girl after moving from the town I grew up in for 21 years. A dog mom to the cutest miniature Shih Tzu named Pumkin, she is my baby girl.

I’m an avid reader and bullet journal keeper. I shop probably way too much as my friends and family would say, but I have a passion for fashion, books, and any item for organization and productivity.

What will you find on Life with Jessi 101:

  • Blog Post on Fashion, Books, Organization, and Life
  • Graphic Tees and Women’s Fashion Boutique
  • Book Related Items Shop
  • Printable Item Shop
  • and so much MORE!!!!!!


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