Celebrate World Emoji Day with Me

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This Sunday is World Emoji Day! While emojis didn’t hit our mobile phones in the US until 2010, the first emoji was created in 1990 by a Japanese artist. Japan was where emojis took off and it wasn’t until 2009 that US-based companies such as Apple took notice of the new digital language. Today we use emojis every day! In celebration of World Emoji Day, I am listing my most used emojis and how I interpret them! 

Emoji Day!

🙈 See No Monkey Emoji 

This is my top used emoji and anyone that texts me on a regular basis wouldn’t be shocked. I typically put this at the end of my messages. It’s my little trademark. 

🤗 Happy Smiley Hands Emoji 

I use this when I’m excited or looking forward to something. 

🙄 Eyes Up Emoji 

I use this as an eye roll 24/7! 

😬 Teeth Chatter Emoji 

I use this when I feel bad about something or if I’m unsure. 

💁🏼‍♀️ Hand To The Side Emoji

If you get this I’m either giving you a hair flip moment or a duhhhhh. 

🚨 Alarm Emoji 

My way of saying Emergency or this text is very important. 

🥰😍❤️ The Love Bundle Emojis 

I use these just as much as I do the See No Monkey. You are loved if I send you one of these. 

What are your most-used emojis? What do you interpret them as when you use them? Let me know in the comments below. Make sure to celebrate your favorite emojis this Sunday! Happy World Emoji Day babes!

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